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What To do If My Facebook Account Is hacked?

Do you think your Facebook account has been hacked? Here's what to do!

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Facebook as you know is now the largest social media and social networking service which has revolutionised the whole internet experience of our modern lives. Facebook in many ways has changed our lives and has become a micro blogging platform where everyone can share their opinions and views on any topic that they like, raise their voices against something wrong, get to know about a wide range of news, media, entertainment and much more.

Now Facebook has become so inclusive with people’s lives that they now share everything on Facebook that they are doing. Without even knowing what effects or consequences of it will have on them they share even those things about them which may be misused by many and may lead to exploitation. So there is a huge concern about user’s privacy especially when he/she has signed up for an account on social media. Many Facebook accounts get hacked everyday and the modes of hacking the accounts may be different for every account. Some people may intrude into your account by guessing your password, some may just enter your account if they access your phone, some may enter if they know some other details and many accounts may be hacked by various other sophisticated methods. So if you think your account has been hacked or someone has intruded your Facebook account ( hacked Facebook account )or has done some activity using your account, here’s a simple method to get your account back and make it safe.

Follow the below given steps to secure your account if you think it has been hacked:

STEP 1: Go to https://www.facebook.com/hacked or Click here.

A page like this will appear. 

STEP 2: Now select the desired option which suits your problem and click the Continue button.

STEP 3: Then a page will appear quoting “Lets Secure Your Account“. Click the Get Started button.

STEP 4: Now Facebook will look for the problems and will tell you about the activities that someone/you did with your account. Then again click the Continue button.

Then Facebook will ask you to change your password. Fill the asked fields correctly and finish. This way you’ll recover Facebook account if it was hacked by someone.

Your Facebook account is now secure. 🙂

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