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How To See People Who Have Ignored Your Friend Request On Facebook


Have you ever noticed sometimes you don’t get any notification on Facebook about the status of the friend requests you have sent, when you send massive friend requests to people on Facebook??

You may even have gone through the case like, you saw her in class, liked her and then you kept searching for her on Facebook and then for your luck you fond her. You now felt like you have found a million dollar thing. You sent her a friend request on Facebook and kept waiting for the notification of being accepted. Your wait gone in vain?? She never accepted? How many times has it happened to you? It happens to the best of guys and to the women too to much so that you’ve lost track of who never accepted your requests. But wouldn’t we like to know?

Luckily, turns out there’s a way to see who are the legends who have ignored you on Facebook, have not accepted your friend request or is still pending in his/her “Friends” tab

Here I have brought a way for you to know about them. It’s really the easiest way you’ll ever find; just 3 clicks 😉 :

1. Click on the friend requests icon on the top right hand side of your Facebook timeline, left to the ‘messages’ icon, as shown below in the screenshot:

2. Click on the “View all” link at the bottom of the drop down appeared:

The click on the “View all” link will open the page as shown below, with the friend suggestions for you.

3.  Now, On the top left hand side of the page, there is a “View sent requests” link as it appears in the above screenshot, click on it.

The page with the list of people who have ignored your friend request will appear as it  is shown below.

NOTE: The people who have marked you as spam will not be available in the list above, but you can know about them if you remember them that you had sent them a friand request.

The people who have marked you as spam, you’ll not be able to send them the request again. In fact the ‘Send friend request’ option will not be available for them.

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